Faq_logoA new feature of the CHSA website is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) category.  We receive a lot of email at CHSA Online and we will publish here some of the more general questions and answers to share with the rest of the CHSA membership.  Special thanks to George Jensen, CHSA Membership & Points Guru and Cynthia Jensen, President of CHSA for most of these answers.

Q.  Do you combine the Walk Trot Equitation and Walk Trot Equitation Championship points for the total 50 or does my daughter need 50 in each division?

A.  For year end awards, you do combine the regular equitation class and
the championship points to get your total points. The same is true for
the pleasure classes

Q If two people qualify a pony for Walk Trot Pleasure (50 points for one and 50 points from another) – do both riders get a year end ribbon?

A. For two different people riding the same pony: in pleasure and hunter
classes it is the horse that get the point, not the rider. the horse or
pony may be ridden even by a non member and accrue points. It is only
in equitation classes that the rider accrues points.

Q Do you combine the Walk Trot Pleasure points and the Walk Trot Pleasure Championship points to a single award?

A. .
You are right that for lead line 20 points is needed to qualify for a year end award.  Lead line is an equitation class so that it is the rider that gets the points.