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Q. My daughter needs 6 more points to qualify for the Walk Trot year end award, as she will have 50 points.  Once she qualifys for Walk/Trott can she enter the childrens pleasure pony classes in the next show also?

A. You raised an excellent question about your daughter moving up in the competition arena.  In answer to your question:  CHSA rules state that Walk, Trot riders may not compete in any class requiring a canter.

Once your daugther obtains her Walk, Trot Year-end Award level, she may move on to Children’s Pleasure Pony (which includes cantering) – at the next show.  She may not show in both the Walk, Trot division and Children’s Pleasure Pony division at the same show.

It is only fair, as some would wonder why a rider capable of cantering in company was competing against riders only able to compete safely at the walk and trot. 
Remember, once she canters in a show she may not go back to Walk, Trot.  However, there are many opportunities open to her once she is able to canter safely in company.