Faq_logo_3Q. I was curious to know, because it was my understanding that people could not go back to Pre-Children’s once doing Children’s Eq. or go from Children’s Eq. back to short stirrup for that matter, if that was true. 

Can people cross enter and go backwards divisions at lower heights after showing at a 2’6" level for most of the year? 

A. You have asked some very good questions. The way the rules are written;

People can show both divisions – but not at the same show.  The Pre-Children’s Hunter was really put in as a stepping stone from Short
Stirrup – especially for those riders who were showing HORSES.   Short
Stirrup Hunter is only 18", regardless of whether showing a horse or pony.  In Children’s Hunter, the small and medium pony heights are only 2′ and the large ponies are 2’6.  If you show a HORSE in Children’s Hunter the height is 3′.  As you can tell – there is a large gap between 18" and 36" (3′).  Hence Pre-Children’s Hunter at 2′ was developed as an intermediate level.

Pre-Children’s Hunter at 2′ (page 52 in the rule book) states that the same horse/pony & rider may not cross enter into Children’s Hunter Pony, Pony Hunters or any class where fences exceed 2’6" AT THE SAME SHOW.

Children’s Equitation (page 46) is for juniors who have never shown over a course where fences exceed 3′, and they may not enter into any division where fences exceed 3′.  Fence heights are 2′ for small and medium ponies and 2’6" for large ponies and horses.  Again, these heights are a lot closer to the Short Stirrup Equitation at 18".
Usually most juniors go from Short Stirrup Hunter to Pre-Children’s Hunter, and as talent permits to Children’s Hunter.  Once in a while a rider will try the Children’s Hunter and decide that they left out a step – and go back. 

Usually, once they go up, they continue to show at the higher height.
Once a rider has jumped over 18" they may NOT go back to Short Stirrup.