The CHSA Board of Directors met October 11, 2005 and approved these rule changes and additions:

A Dressage Suitability Class will be added to the Dressage section with points going toward the Dressage Awards.  This will be offered at dressage shows in lieu of a CHSA Pleasure Class.

Specifications: Open to all horses that have not competed above First Level.  To be shown at the walk, trot & canter both ways of the ring.  To be judged on the horse’s potential to become a Dressage mount.

Lead Rein

  1. Lead Rein classes will be pointed at all shows offering these classes, even if there is more than one show on that same date.
  2. CHSA will recognize Lead Rein Championship classes with championship points

Jumper Scoring

Rule Book page 55:

As of April 1, 2005:
h. Second cumulative disobedience anywhere on course will result in elimination
USEF instituted this rule April 1, and as an affiliate it is grand-fathered into our rules.