The CHSA Board Of Directors has voted to award up to 8th place year end ribbons for all Junior exhibitor classes (except for Lead Rein and Walk Trot, which operate under different year end rules) effective with the current 2005 season year end awards.

This following divisions will be awarded up to 8th place year end awards:

Children’s Hunter Horse and Children’s Hunter Pony, Morgan Jr. Exhibitor, Junior Saddle Seat Eq., Jr. Saddle Seat Pleasure Eq., Jr Western Eq u/15, Jr. West. Eq. 15-17, Short Stirrup Eq & Hunter, Children’s Eq., Jr. Hunter Eq. Jr. Hunt Eq u/12. 12-14, 15-17, Pre-Children’s Hunter, Two Pony Divisions, Children’s Pleasure Pony, Jr. Eng. Pleasure and Jr. West. Pleasure and Junior Hunter.

The 2005 season ends November 30, 2005 – only 4 shows left!  Get your points now for a year end award up to 8th place!

Any questions please email us at chsa@chsaonline.com