Faq_logo_5Q. Hi, I have a question about challenge trophies. For the High Point Junior Hunt Seat Equitation trophy, is it the highest points in any one of the Equitation divisions, or the highest total points in all the equitation divisions? Thanks.

A. CHSA gives hunt seat equitation year-end awards for Under 12, 12-14 and 15-17.  When riders compete in an Open under 18 class or open under 15 – their points automatically go into the proper age group for the year-end awards.

The Lynch Challenge Trophy for high point Hunt Seat Equitation replaces the former (now retired by Tara Lynch) Michaels Trophy.  It was established for the hunt seat rider acquiring the most points in the following divisions: Under 12, 12-14 and 15-17 – because at that time those were the only junior hunt seat equitation classes – and there were 2 classes one flat and once fences.
Children’s Equitation and Junior Equitation do not count – for two reasons.  When the first challenge trophy was established these two (Children’s & Junior) did not exist. Plus the fact that those are divisions with 3 classes in each (one flat, 2 fences), plus championship and reserve points for the two highest in each division.  For a championship to occur it is necessary to have 3 classes (one flat, 2 fences).
The under 12, 12-14 & 15-17 have only two individual classes (flat & fences) with no championship points.  Adding in the Children’s & Junior division points would certainly give those juniors an unfair advantage.