The has a nice article about suggestions for showing horses or hosting a horse show:

Herpesvirus Prevention: Connecticut Vet Offers Tips
January 19 2007 Article # 8720

Simple good horsemanship and reasonable hygiene are the keys to preventing an outbreak of equine herpesvirus (EHV), according to Rick Mitchell, DVM, a veterinarian with Fairfield Equine Associates in Newtown, Conn.

Mitchell made the following suggestions for an equine facility hosting horses from the outside population for an event, such as a clinic or horse show:

  • All horses that ship in for a horse show should be vaccinated for EHV-1 in the last 90 days;
  • Any horses coming to the horse show should have temperature logs recorded for two days before they come, and obviously don’t bring any horses that have a suspiciously high temperature;
  • Don’t let horses attending the show have access to the stable area containing resident horses. They should be restricted to the show stables, parking area, and warm-up/show areas;
  • Use common sense and don’t allow horses to come in close contact, nuzzle with each other, or stand close together for extended periods of time;
  • Anyone riding an outside horse should not use the same tack–and should consider changing their clothes–before they have anything to do with resident horses;
  • Do not use the parking/show/or public stable areas as turnout for horses immediately following the event.