CHSA is pleased to announce the 2008 CHSA Medals!!

We listened to the membership comments and feedback after the 2007 CHSA Finals and the CHSA Finals committee recommended to the CHSA Board of Directors the addition of the CHSA Medal for the 2008 CHSA Finals.  Thus at the December 2007 CHSA Board of Directors meeting, the CHSA Medal classes were approved starting with the 2008 show season. (See other CHSA Board of Director actions from the December 2007 Board Meeting)

The CHSA Medal rules and format are a little different than many of the other medal classes, so please read the rules and regulations carefully. If you have any questions please email

We will be posting the point standings for the CHSA Medal classes along with the regular division point standings.  The first CHSA Medal classes will take place at The Pines Farm Winter Horse Show from January 11 – 13, 2008.

The CHSA Medal Finals will be included in the 2008 CHSA Finals to be held on Sunday, September 7, 2008 at the Mystic Summer Festival.

View the full 2008 CHSA Medals Rules and Class Descriptions


  • To provide a beginner and intermediate equitation medal classes at CHSA recognized shows.
  • To provide a CHSA Medal Finals at the CHSA Finals.
  • To promote CHSA and the benefits of membership.
  • To increase participation at CHSA approved horse shows.

CHSA Medals Classes

  • CHSA Short Stirrup Equitation Medal (18")
  • CHSA Pre-Children’s Equitation Medal (2′)
  • CHSA Modified Adult Equitation Medal (2’6")
  • CHSA Children’s Equitation Medal (2’6")
  • CHSA Saddle Seat Medal (WTC)
  • CHSA Western Seat Medal (WTL)

 CHSA Medal Rules and Regulations

  1. Only active CHSA members with a current membership are eligible to accumulate points.
  2. For any class to count, at least 3 riders must complete the class, with at least 1 rider being a current CHSA member.
  3. Non-CHSA members may complete the class, but they must be CHSA members to accumulate points.
  4. Each CHSA Hunt Seat Equitation Medal class will be shown over a course of not less than
    eight vertical fences and require at least 2 of the current USEF Tests
    1- 8.  Judges may require additional testing.
  5. Exhibitors may compete in only one CHSA Medal Class per show.
  6. Points are scored 10, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/2 regardless of the classification of the show or the number of entrants in the class.
  7. Shows may offer one of each type of CHSA Medal class per show. This applies to one-day or multi-day shows.
  8. Each show must offer in the prizelist at least 2 of the CHSA Medal Classes.
  9. Each show will pay CHSA $5.00 per Medal entry per class to a
    maximum of $75 per class.  Payment must accompany the show results and
    be received no later than ten (10) days after the show is held.

Qualification for CHSA Medal Finals

  1. Riders qualify by accumulating 25 or more points in CHSA Medal Classes held at Recognized Shows during the qualifying period.
  2. Riders may continue to enter CHSA Medal classes after they have accumulated the 25 points needed to qualify.
  3. The Top 30 qualified CHSA Medal Riders in each Class will be eligible to participate in the CHSA Medal Finals.
  4. A minimum of 10 riders must have accumulated 25 points for the Class to qualify to participate in the CHSA Medal Finals.
  5. Even if they have qualified for multiple CHSA Medal Classes,
    competitors may only compete in one Equitation Medal Class at the CHSA
    Finals in a given year. 
  6. The 2008 qualifying period runs from December 1, 2007 until Sunday,
    August 17, 2008. The last show to qualify will be the Pines Farm Horse
    Show held on Sunday, August 17, 2008.
  7. The CHSA Medal Finals will be held as part of the CHSA Finals on September 7, 2008.