CHSA Rules Changes
Effective December 1, 2007

Page 8    A.
2nd sentence:  Points for these awards will begin to accrue immediately upon receipt of application and dues by the Show Steward or Secretary at a CHSA recognized show or ..”
3rd sentence: Thirty days after points are published, either on the chsaonline web, or in the current  Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar or the postmark of the CHSA  Around The Circuit newsletter they will become final (i.e. Points published in May cannot be corrected in August).
B. Registration of Horses:
1.    a.  Annual:  “A horse registration….”
b.    Lifetime Horse or Pony Membership:  An owner may nominate his horse or pony for Lifetime Membership for the fee of $100.  Should the horse or pony be sold or transferred to a new owner, in order for the points to count, the new owner must be a CHSA member and apply for transferal with a registration fee.

C. Show Membership
b.    Add:  New shows will be put on one year probation. 


Page 10. Minimum Standards:
2.    To assure that the maximum number of classes will count for CHSA points, two typed copies of the prize list must be submitted to the Prize List Editor for comments and corrections before being sent to the printer.  The prize list to be proofed may be emailed, faxed or sent by mail.  Corrections must be made if points are to be counted for CHSA Year-end Awards.  Failure to comply will result in fines and possible jeopardy of affiliation.
3. c.    If a CHSA membership application is not included in the prize list it must be available with the prize list in the mail or on-line as well as at the show Secretary’s office.
5. Prize lists should be mailed to appropriate members on the current mailing list at least ten days prior to the closing date for entries.   If the prize list mailed out is abbreviated, the show must provide a complete printed prize list and entry blank with complete class descriptions for each Division/Section/Class.  This complete prize list must be made available to appropriate members by mail or on-line and at the Secretary’s Office at the show. 
8.  second paragraph, 2nd  sentence.  In the event the show fails to submit the CHSA Pleasure Class entry fees CHSA will level a fine on the show.  If the fine is not paid future shows dates will not be awarded until the penalty is paid.
9.  Delete …Last two sentences.
10. Darkness Rule:  In consideration for the safety for CHSA members (horses and riders)
CHSA requires that no later than one half hour past the official hour of sunset all performance classes must be concluded unless there is artificial lighting that assures full and complete visibility comparable to daylight clarity.  CHSA will not award points in any classes that are held after ½ hour past the official hour of sunset, unless there is proper lighting.
14.  All shows must have a veterinarian on the grounds – or if on call, their telephone number must be posted and on the prize list.
15.    Provide a qualified, equipped medical person with no other assigned duties, throughout all scheduled performances.  These must be persons certified or licensed as an EMT, Paramedic or currently licensed Physician or Nurse trained in pre-hospital trauma care.
19.   Delete.
22.    Delete last sentence.
24. & 29. Delete

X. E. Year-End Awards (p. 26) 
3.    There will be placings to eighth in all divisions.
4.    To be eligible for year-end awards horses or riders must have earned a minimum of 50 points and must compete in at least four shows during the show season, or at least 50% of the shows offering their classes.

7. Point standings will be published on the CHSA website ( It is the repsonsibility of exhibitors to keep track of their own points.  Exhibitors have thirty (30) days after a show’s points have been posted on the CHSA website to report any errors.  Exhibitors must use the CHSA report points issue form, available on the CHSA website, to report all point errors. After thirty (30) days a show’s points become final.  Any questions or disputes in connection with the CHSA Year End Awards will be referred to the CHSA Board of Directors whose verdict will be final.

Page 40
The championships listed in these Walk-Trot/Jog divisions may either be ridden classes, or if management offers three classes in each division, the championship and reserve may be awarded on points accumulated within that division.  Prize list to state which method is to be used.

Championship and Reserve Points:  A division consists of a minimum of two fence classes and one flat class. Only one flat class will count for points toward championship & reserve or year-end awards.  A minimum of three classes must be offered and held in any division to warrant a Championship and Reserve being awarded.

Long Stirrup Hunt Seat (p. 44)
Long Stirrup Walk-Trot Equitation – delete.
Long Fences – both Equitation and Hunter….Fences not to exceed 2’. 

Pre-Children’s Equitation: Open to junior riders who are eligible for Limit Equitation over fences as of December 1 of the current show year and have never shown over fences exceeding 2’6” at a recognized hose show.  Fence height 2’.0”, No combinations. At the same show a rider may not
cross enter into Children’s Equitation, Children’s Hunter Pony, Pony
Hunters or any class where fences exceed 2’6″.

Modified Adult Amateur Equitation:
Add 2nd sentence.  For amateurs who have won six blue ribbons they are eligible for Modified Adult if, as of Dec. 1 of the current show year, they have not shown in classes with fences 3’ or higher at more than three recognized horse shows in the past two show years.


Children’s Hunter Pony & Children’s Hunter Horse (p. 52)  May not show in any class with fences over 3’6” at the same show.      (Zone 1)
Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle:
Second sentence …are to be shown under their full registered AQHA or USEF name.

Adult Amateur/Children’s Jumper (Zone 1 rules)
Fences to be set at Level 3 – 4 (3’6”-3’9”) spreads 3’6” – 4’3”
Horse/Rider combination may not show in any other Jumper division where fences exceed 3’9” at that show. 
Scoring: h. Second cumulative disobedience…..4 faults….at level 5 (4’) or over elimination
Third cumulative disobedience …elimination

p.58 Year End Awards.  Under Morgan English Pleasure/half points…eliminate Junior Exhibitor.  This is a separate CHSA Year End Award.