Congratulations to all of our
2007 CHSA Award winners. The CHSA award
letters go into the mail tomorrow! Remember – these letters go to all the winners of the Equitation
awards and the letters for horses and ponies winning awards go
to the person that registered that horse or pony.

If you have not already done
so, owners need to email, if you wish the rider’s
name to appear in the Awards Program instead of the owner’s name.

Remember, according to the CHSA
rules, in order to be eligible for Awards, horses or riders must have earned a
minimum of 15 points. The two
highest exhibitors in any division not earning 15 points will be awarded
Honorable Mentions Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons, only.

Don’t forget to send in your banquet reservations by February 19th in order to avoid a post entry

See you at the party!