There has been some confusion regarding the inclusion of tests in the CHSA Hunt Seat Equitation Medal classes.

In  the
specifications we listed USEF tests 1-8.  As the tests 1-8 are fairly
limited the CHSA Finals committee has expanded them a bit.

We have split Test # 1 into two tests: 

          Halt and Back may now be considered two tests.

We have also added Sitting Trot as a test

Obviously the perfect way to
run a Medal class would be to have it as a separate class.  But with so
many classes being offered, and so little time in many show schedules,
we made it possible to run the CHSA Medal classes in conjunction with
the last fence class in the hunter equitation classes.
There are, of course, tests
that take time like  making a trot fence,  the judge calling back the
top 6 in the class and doing a collective workout at a walk, trot or
canter, etc…again time consuming.


After speaking with several
trainers and competitors it was decided that the easiest way to include
two tests in a medal round would be to have the tests at the end of the
trip, after the last fence, so as not to break up the flow of the


Many show managers (and judges) have found this to be the easiest test:

On the posted course:

    “For those doing the Medal qualifier:”

Following the last fence:


back 5 steps,

sit trot to the gate

exit at a walk

Test instructions need to be posted

If there are any further questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitat to contact CHSA at