CHSA Medals Change:  Since this is the first year for the CHSA Medals, the CHSA Finals Committee has decided to allow the Top 30 Medal Riders regardless of the number of points in each division to participate in the CHSA Finals. We are eliminating the requirement for a minimum of 25 points for the CHSA Medal divisions only.  This includes:

  • CHSA Short Stirrup Equitation Medal
  • CHSA Pre-Children's Equitation Medal
  • CHSA Children's Equitation Medal
  • CHSA Modified Adult Equitation Medal

Qualified CHSA Finals Divisions:
We are pleased to announce that as of Monday, June 2, 2008, the
following CHSA Divisions have qualified for the 2008 CHSA Finals with
having 10 riders/horses having more than 25 points:

1. Short Stirrup Hunter (19 riders)
2. Pre-Children's Hunter (20 riders)
3. Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation (17 riders)
4. Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Pleasure (13 riders)
5. Hunter Pleasure (14 horses)
6. Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure (10 horses)

Remember the Top 20 riders/horses who have 25 points or more will
qualify and be invited to the 2008 CHSA Finals, except for the CHSA
Medal riders – the top 30 will qualify with no minimum number of points.

Class Sponsorships: For $250 you can
sponsor a CHSA Finals Class and be listed in the program and present
the awards and ribbons to your class winners. New this year – you will receive your very own Blue Ribbon to display in your company or barn!  Sign up now to choose
your class – several have already been sold! View 2008 CHSA Finals Sponsorship Form

  1. Short Stirrup Hunter – Laurelle Equestrian Website Design/The Woznica Family
  2. Short Stirrup Medal –
  3. Pre-Children's Hunter –
  4. Pre-Children's Medal –
  5. Children's Equitation Medal –
  6. Modified Adult Hunter
  7. Modified Adult Equitation Medal –
  8. Low Training Jumper –
  9. Walk-Trot Hunt Seat Equitation –
  10. Walk-Trot Pleasure – Laurelle Equestrian Website Design/The Woznica Family
  11. Junior Exhibitor Pleasure – Sally Allison
  12. CHSA English Pleasure – Sally Allison
  13. Hunter Pleasure – Pam Real Memorial
  14. Quarter Horse Hunter Under Saddle –
  15. Children's Pleasure Pony –
  16. Adult English Pleasure –