As part of our continued attempt to improve the CHSA Finals we
will be holding a demonstration Lead Rein class at this year's CHSA
Finals. Many trainers and parents have asked us to include Lead Rein in
the CHSA Finals and the demonstration Lead Rein class will assist the
CHSA Finals Committee to gauge interest and reaction. 

The Details:

  • The Lead Rein class will be held in the Pleasure Ring at 2pm on Sunday, September 7, 2008. 
  • In order to participate in the demonstration class the rider must be a CHSA Member prior to August 22nd, 2008. 
  • Open to children under 7 who have not competed in any riding or driving classes other
    than Lead Rein. 
  • We will take the first 20 Lead Rein entries. Entry Forms will be available at on Monday, August 18th.
  • The Fee for the class will be $50, no other fees will be charged including no office fee.
  • Handlers will need to be in proper show clothes or dress clothes, please no jeans.
  • Specifications
    – Entries will be asked to trot individually.  The entries will be
    judged on the basis of elementary fundamentals of equitation excluding

We hope all the CHSA Lead Rein members can join us at the 2008 CHSA Finals on Sunday, September 7, 2008.