After monitoring the new CHSA Medal qualification process for the first
year, it has become apparent that there is still confusion regarding
the tests and who must do them.

Ideally it would be preferable that
the Medal class be run as a separate class.  There would be no
confusion as the 2 tests are included in the class trip.   However,
this adds classes to a show (time) as well as more jumping for the
horse's legs.

When the class is combined with another existing
class – as in the second trip in a division, then there is confusion
regarding the test and who takes it, when all competitors in the class
are not trying for the medal qualification.

Therefore, the Finals Committee made the following change:

the medals are run in conjunction with another class – there will be no
tests- just instruct the judge to give a score to this competitor's
medal trip (just like the Marshall & Sterling Hunter Classics). 
This score can then be put on CHSA Medal class card.  That will
determine the placings for those in the class who are qualifying for
the Medals.

Also: the number of fences requirement
(formerly 10) has been eliminated so that managers can offer as many
jumps in the class as is convenient.

We hope that this makes the medal qualifying classes flow more smoothly without any confusion.

The CHSA Medals Committee