The results are Final and below are the 2009 CHSA Finals Class
Standings.  Invitations have been mailed to all qualified finalists. 
If you are an alternate – please check this list daily, as we will
update your alternate status as we confirm riders have "moved up" or
scratched. As Entry Forms and checks are received they will be in the
comment section of the Finals Class Standing List below.

View the 2009 CHSA FINAL Class Standings (Updated August 4, 2009)

If you can't wait for your invitation in the mail, you can view the invitation package online.  You can print out the online forms and
follow the directions to send in your entry forms.

Dates to remember:
Entry Forms due with prepaid check by Friday, August 14, 2009 by 6:00pm
Order of Go posted online by Saturday, August 21, 2009
Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 7:00 AM – CHSA Finals

Lead Rein and Low Training Demonstration Classes

Last year, by popular request, the Finals Committee offered a new section to the show – a Lead Rein Demonstration Class, which is being offered again this year.

In keeping with the goal of our Finals to encourage and promote
interest in the beginner and intermediate classes for members, this
year the Finals Committee decided to offer a demonstration of another
increasingly popular discipline on our circuit – Jumpers.

Therefore, there will be a Jumper Demonstration Class for the
starter level jumper division in the CHSA organization.  The top ten
point getters in the Low Training Jumper section are being invited to
participate in a Jumper Demonstration class on Monday August 24.  This
class will take place in the Westbrook Hunt Club Grand Prix arena and
the fences will be at the starter level – not to exceed 3’0”.   This
will be an exciting opportunity for spectators and other exhibitors to
watch the total coordination of horse and rider as they try to not only
clear the fences on a very complicated, serpentine-like course, but
also beat the clock.

Our hope is this demonstration class will generate excitement so
that next year Low Training Jumpers will return as a Qualified Division!