There has been some confusion
lately regarding eligibility in certain divisions and fence heights.

The Points Chairman must go by
the prize list specifications or the rules as stated in the rule book.  

The biggest confusion seems to be
with the Open Hunt Seat Equitation over Fences classes and their respective
heights.   The 15-17 age group
in the rule book states that fences are not to exceed 3’6” then unless
otherwise stated in the prize list – it is presumed that the class was run at
3’6” at that show.  If the prize
list states that the 15-17 class will be run at 3’3” then that is the height
recorded by the Points Person regardless of any height adjustments made by
Management at the show.

There are many cases where
Managers, in their effort to be user-friendly on show day, will  lower the fence height for a specific
class so that persons of lesser ability can compete and thereby  “fill” that class.  This unfortunately happens most often
when Open Equitation classes for Under 12, 12-14 and 15-17 riders are combined
for lack of sufficient entries in any one section.  When these classes are combined on show day, the proper
procedure is for all riders to jump the same course (if it includes under 12 –
that means no combination) AT THE APPROPRIATE HEIGHT for their age group.

However, BEWARE – even if the
fences are a foot lower on show day, it is still must be assumed by the Points
Person to have run at the printed height in the prize list – or –in the absence
of any height listing in the prize list – the height listed in the rule book.  Entering a class that is above your
height limitation in the rule book will result in disqualification from your
division from that show forward.

It is not OK to enter a class
(even as a” filler”) where the class specifications as stated in the prize list
(or absent that, as stated in the rule book) may jeopardize your eligibility simply
because Management states  the
class was run at a lower height than what the prize list or rule book states.

Reminders:  Short Stirrup riders may not jump over
18”, Pre-Children’s riders cannot jump over fences exceeding 2’6” and
Children’s Equitation riders cannot jump over fences exceeding 3’. 

When in doubt, always check with
the Show Steward regarding the rules.