The 2009 CHSA Good Sportsmanship Award was presented to Christen Scarpa by Kristen Guadagnino, Chairperson of the Sportsmanship Committee and Harpur Schwartz wrote a very moving nomination letter for Christen.

2009 CHSA Sportsmanship Award
Do you know of a CHSA member who:

  • is always around, willing to lend a helping hand?
  • as a competitor who exhibits a sporting character throughout the ups and downs of the show year?
  • has persevered through various hardships to achieve personal success with their horse?
  • is a role model for juniors, amateurs and professionals?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, then you should nominate that person for the 2010 CHSA Sportsmanship Award !

Each year the CHSA directors vote on a nominee for The Good Sportsmanship Award. This award will be given to a CHSA member each year based on conduct, and character, demonstrated during the show season. The award is given at the annual CHSA Celebration of Champions Gala Event. Nominees for this annual award should be proposed by the members of CHSA. It is not necessary that this nominee be a competitor. It could be a trainer, instructor, groom or at all who is a CHSA member.

A few key things to keep in mind is the conduct and interaction of the nominee with trainers, parents, show personnel and other participants. The way a person handles sucess or defeat following a performance is a good indication of sportsmanship. Integrity, honesty and adherence to the rules are also prime considerations.

Deadline for nominations is February 6, 2011. Send letter of nomination or questions to: Kristen Guadagnino, Chairman of the Sportsmanship Award Committee, 195 Hillstown Road, Manchester, Ct. 06040. Email: