The following show affiliation rule changes were approved by the CHSA BOD during the August 7, 2012 meeting.

They are effective immediately and will be followed for 2013 show affiliation requests.

Changes are in bold type.

  C. SHOW MEMBERSHIP                                                                                                                                        

 1. Show Application

 a.    Applications for show dates must be made on the form provided by the Show Re­lations Com­mittee. These forms must be signed by theLicensee and must be accompanied by the appropriate mem­bership fee. The Licensee is a person or legal entity who has obtained permission from CHSA to conduct CHSA affiliated Member Show (s).  A Licensee may be an individual person or a sponsoring organization such as a service club, church, farm, etc…  A Licensee may or may not be the same person as the Show Manager and may be different from the show facility owner The Licensee must be a CHSA Member in good standing. CHSA Member Shows may not be transferred to a different Licensee without CHSA approval.

b.       Show dates are determined by the CHSA Board at the October meet­ing.  New shows will be placed on one year probation.Prior to granting affiliation, CHSA may request additional information from a Licensee regarding a show facility such as but not limited to insurance, ring size, parking, rest rooms, food, judges stands, etc…

i.         Whenever a Licensee sponsors more than one show in a show season, at least 20 days must elapse between shows unless special approval is given by CHSA .

 j.        If a show date becomes available during the show season due to a cancellation, CHSA may grant the date to another Licensee if potential Licensees and CHSA Membership can be notified within a reasonable timeframe.

k.       CHSA may consider concentration of dates in the control of a single Licensee or group of related Licensees as well as participation history and/or stewards reports when determining the appropriateness of granting show dates.

 5.  Inactive Competition

Member shows which were affiliated for the previous year that are unable to affiliate for the current year may apply for inactive affiliation by paying $25.00 at the time that regular show applications are due, in order to hold that date for the Licensee.  This may be done for not more than one consecutive year and in turn will hold the date for the following year.

24 If a Show Committee finds it necessary to add divisions or classes originally listed in the printed prize list or to change the show location, the show manager shall request approval from the CHSA Show Relations Chairperson and the CHSA Rules and Protests Chairperson (or their designee) at least 30 calendar days prior to the show date.