As requested by several show managers and trainers and since several other show organizations such as the PHA have open lower height hunter divisions, CHSA has drafted specifications for a new hunter division which may be offered on a trial basis at 2013 season shows.

The specifications were based on evergreen/schooling/low hunter specs for the FW-PHA, WNE-PHA and the HVHJA (Hudson Valley) associations and some of the currently unrecognized divisions at area shows.

A suggestion of introducing the idea of hunter height levels similar to jumper height levels was included, and the CHSA BOD came up with the division name “Connecticut Training Hunter” to compliment but not replace the existing Connecticut Working and Connecticut Open hunter divisions.

The intent is to offer an open rated hunter division at various heights to correspond to the existing divisions from Short/Long stirrup (18”) through Pre-children’s (2’) up to Modified Children’s/Adult (2’6”). This division could be used to provide extra mileage for horses, ponies or riders just starting in a particular height section, and/or to provide a division for horse/rider combinations that might not be eligible for existing rated divisions.

Depending on participation, at least one set of year end awards may be awarded for this division.

Inclusion of this division in the CHSA Finals will be at the discretion of the Finals committee.

The specifications are listed below.

The CHSA BOD intends to vote on inclusion of this division on a trial basis for the 2013 show season at the November meeting.

Questions, comments and/or feedback as to whether or not you might be interested in offering this division at CHSA shows and/or whether or not you might be interested in competing in this division will be appreciated.

Karen von Bachelle
CHSA Rules Chairperson

Open to all horses or ponies. No age limitations and no rider restrictions.
No restriction of horse/pony/rider into other divisions if otherwise eligible.
To be judged on performance, soundness, suitability and manners.
Simple lead changes and/or trotting in corners are permitted.
To be shown over a hunter type course. Combinations are optional.
Fence height not less than 18” and not to exceed 2’6”.
May be divided into Low and High and/or specific height sections
[Level A – 18” cross rails or verticals, Level B – 2’, Level C – 2’3” Level D – 2’6”].
Height sections may be combined i.e. Level B/C 2’-2’3”.
Show management MUST specify fence heights and sections.
Show results MUST clearly identify the specific section each horse/pony and rider combination competed in.
The same horse/rider combination may not compete in more than one section at the same show.
If there are fewer than 3 entries in any section divided by height, at management’s discretion those sections may be combined with other sections,
provided all competitors compete over the same course, with adjustments only for height and/or distance.
(For example, a section consisting of twice around cross rails may not be combined with a section
where the course contains a diagonal line.)