Recently there have been inquiries about the champion and reserve champion points in the non-jumping hunter divisions (Hunter Pleasure and Quarter Horse Under Saddle) and the show pleasure divisions (Children’s Pleasure Pony, Adult English Pleasure, Junior Exhibitor English Pleasure, Color Breed Pleasure).

For the rest of the 2013 show year, CHSA will continue with the existing policy that a show may award champion and reserve champion as first and second place horses in a designated championship class for horses/ponies have competed in a previous qualifying class. A show may offer one or two qualifying classes with placings of first through sixth and an additional ridden championship class with placings of champion, reserve champion, third through sixth.

Alternately if a show offers three classes in each of the pleasure divisions, the show may award division champion and reserve champion to the horse/pony with the highest number and second highest number of points accumulated in all the classes of the division, similar to the method used to determine champions and reserve champions in the hunter divisions. IF A SHOW WISHES TO AWARD PLEASURE DIVISION CHAMPION/RESERVE CHAMPION POINTS BASED ON POINTS WON INSTEAD OF A RIDDEN CHAMPIONSHIP CLASS, THE SHOW’S PRIZELIST MUST CLEARLY STATE THAT THE “PLEASURE CHAMPIONSHIPS WILL BE BASED ON POINTS”.

Please notice – to ensure potential exhibitors know which method of points will be followed, shows wishing to change their method of awarding pleasure champion/reserve
champion points should follow the following CHSA rule:

A 24 If a Show Committee finds it necessary to add divisions or classes originally listed in the printed prize list or to change the show location, the show manager shall request approval from the CHSA Show Relations Chairperson and the CHSA Rules and Protests Chairperson (or their designee) at least 30 calendar days prior to the show date.
Upon approval of Show Relations and Rules and Protests and at least 21 calendar days from the show date, the Show Manager must send an email to notifying of the approved change(s) / addition(s) so that the CHSA website can be updated at least 14 calendar days prior to the show date.
In addition, all exhibitors on the original mailing list must be notified of the change(s) / addition(s) and the show’s website (if any) must be updated with the change(s) / addition(s) at least 14 calendar days prior to the show date.

NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the show manager to verify the required approvals and notifications have been accomplished.
It is the responsibility of members to check the web site,, for show managers’ postings and changes.

CHSA Points will not count for classes or divisions added to a show less than 14 calendar days from the show date.

Any questions please email