CHANGES TO RULE I C sections 4, 5, 6 Show cancellation rules:
Renumber 5 to 4, Combine 4 into 6 and renumber as 5, add exceptions:

4. Inactive Competition

Member shows which were affiliated for the previous year that are unable to affiliate for the current year may apply for inactive affiliation by paying $25.00 at the time that regular show applications are due, in order to hold that date for the Licensee.  This may be done for not more than one consecutive year and in turn will hold the date for the following year.

5. Cancellation of Shows / Failure to Hold Show

Any Member Show in good standing may resign or withdraw voluntarily from mem­bership in the CHSA upon giv­ing 30 days notice in writing to the CHSA Show Re­lations Chairman.  Such Member Show shall for­feit dues for the current year. A Mem­ber Show may not voluntarily with­draw if in­debted to the Association.

Failure to hold a show on the dates allotted may constitute a violation of the rules unless due notice of can­cellation has been furnished to the Association in writing at least 30 days prior to the date of the show.  Such violation may, by vote of the CHSA Board of Directors, constitute grounds for refusing further show dates to the shows under the same man­agement. Any expense incurred by the Association as a result of a cancellation of a show shall be the responsibility of said show.


If extreme and/or potentially dangerous weather conditions and/or an emergency situation at or near the show facility or other bona fide threat to public safety necessitates canceling, discontinuing, or postponing the entire horse show:

Show management must make every effort to update the show’s website and to contact CHSA via email at and/or via telephone, text and/or email to the CHSA Show Relations Chairperson or their designee so the CHSA website can be updated.  Show Management should also make every effort to contact pre-entered exhibitors and/or trainers.

It is the responsibility of the show manager to verify the required notifications have been accomplished as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of members to contact the horse show and/or to check the web site,, for information regarding any show cancellation, discontinuance or postponement.

Since CHSA points are awarded even in classes with one entry, lack of sufficient pre entries is generally not considered a valid reason to cancel a horse show unless the horse show program specifically states that day of show entries will not be accepted.

CHSA may ask for more information regarding the cancellation, discontinuance or postponement of a horse show. Show management may be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to fines and/or removal of current or future CHSA affiliations for shows under the same Licensee if a show is cancelled, discontinued or postponed without valid reason and/or without attempting to notify CHSA as soon as possible.