Effective July 15 2013, the Connecticut Hunter and Jumper Association (CHJA) will allow the Adult Equitation and the Junior Equitation Divisions to be combined if there are less than 3 entrants in either division. The CHSA Board of Directors discussed CHJA’s midseason rule change and determined this decision was not in the best interest of CHSA. CHSA points will NOT be awarded if Junior and Adult Equitation divisions are combined. Please note the following policies:

In the interest of fairness to CHSA members and since CHSA points are awarded even in classes with one entry, combining CHSA horse show divisions is generally permitted only

Specifically permitted per CHSA rules (and not in conflict with USEF or NEHC rules at shows so recognized) – for example combining Connecticut Training Hunter height sections.


Permitted per USEF rules at a USEF recognized show – for example combining Junior and Amateur hunters.


Permitted per NEHC rules at a non-USEF NEHC recognized show – notice that NEHC does NOT recognize combining Junior and Amateur Adult Equitation divisions.

CHSA considers USEF to be the overall governing agency in USEF recognized shows.  Similarly, CHSA considers NEHC to be the overall governing agency in NEHC recognized shows. If there is a conflict of rules between CHSA and any similar state, regional or similar organization(s) affiliated with a particular show (i.e. CHJA and/or FW-PHA) CHSA rules must be followed for points to count.