The following CHSA Rules Change was approved at the June 14, 2016 CHSA Board of Directors Meeting and becomes effective July 7, 2016:

Rule IV. Amateur and Professional Status
A. Amateur Status
To follow in accordance with USEF Rule GR1306
1. A person is an amateur who after his/her 18th birthday has not engaged in any of the following activities which would make him a professional:
a. Accepts remuneration for riding, driving, showing in halter, training, schooling or con ducting clinics or seminars
b. Accepts remuneration for giving instructions in equitation or horse training. (Persons acting as counselors at summer camps, who are not hired in the exclusive capacity of riding instructors, and persons giving instruction and training to the handicapped are excluded.)
c. Accepts payment for employment in capacities such as secretary, bookkeeper, veterinarian, groom, farrier; rides, drives, shows in halter; trains or schools horses or gives instructions when his/her employer or a member of the family of the employer owns, boards or trains the horses.
d. Accepts payment for the use of his/her name, photograph or other personal association as a horseman in connection with any advertisement or article to be sold.
e. Accepts prize money in equitation or showmanship classes.
f. Rides, drives or shows in halter in horse shows, any horse for which s/he or a member of his/her family accepts remuneration for boarding or training.
g. Receives remuneration for giving instruction to any person, riding, driving, showing in halter, boarding, any horse for which s/he or a member of his/her family or a corporation which a member of his/her family controls.
h. The following activities do not affect the amateur status of a person:
i. The writing of books or articles pertaining to horses.
j. Accepting payment for officiating as a judge, steward, technical delegate or course designer.
k. Accepting reimbursement for expenses without profit.
l. Accepting a small token of appreciation, other than money, for riding, driving or showing in halter. (Note: Horse board, prize money, partial support or objects of more than $300.00 are considered a payment, not small tokens of appreciation.)
m. Being a veterinarian, groom, farrier or owning a tack shop or breeding or boarding stable does not affect the amateur status of a person who is otherwise qualified.