The following CHSA Rules Change was approved at the September 19, 2017 CHSA Board of Directors meeting and becomes effective as of 09/09/17:

Combining Classes: If, on the day of a CHSA affiliated show, the following classes may be combined if management, trainers, and exhibitors agree. Combined divisions must run at the appropriate height specifications according to CHSA rules for that division:

  • Modified Children’s and Modified Adult Hunters;
  • Children’s Equitation and Modified Adult Equitation
  • Junior and Adult Equitation
  • Children’s Hunter (Horse and Pony) and Adult Hunter
  • A/O and Junior Hunters (Low and High)
  • Adult and Children’s Jumpers (Low and High, can be pre-combined in Prize List)
  • A/O and Junior Jumpers
  • Hunter Derby

Riders competing in the combined class shall accumulate points in the appropriate division. Medal classes may not be combined. If the prize list indicates that any of these divisions will be combined, then they will not be pointed by CHSA. (Exception: Low Children’s Jumper and Low Adult Amateur Jumpers, and High Children’s/Adult Jumper.)