CHSA Points Finalization Schedule

CHSA Points Finalization Process

Remember that the Show Secretary has ten (10) days to get the results of a show to CHSA. Once the results are received by CHSA, the show is usually posted within 3-5 days to

Before you check your points or email CHSA with questions, please be sure to do the following:

1. Look at the list of Shows below to see what shows have been included in the most recent points update. We list the Show name and the Date of the Show.

2. The date the show was posted online is indicated under Date Posted.

3. Points Final indicates when Points become final which are 30 days from the date they are posted and can’t be changed.

4. Comments are for any special cases as there may be a question about the results of a class or a dispute.

5. If a show is posted you can go to the show results page at: and review your points. Please check your points frequently and be familiar with the point values and rules.

6. If you still have a question regarding your Points or Membership Status, submit the CHSA Points Issue online form and CHSA will respond as soon as possible.

Points Finalization Schedule