Program Ad Submission Guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when submitting an ad for the CHSA Finals Program:


Aug. 5: Make ready ads due from advertisers

Aug. 12: Print ready ads due from advertisers


B/W Half Page: 7.5 w x 4.5 h inches

B/W Full Page: 7.5 w x 9.5 h inches

Color Back Page: 8.5 w x 11 h inches trim size; bleeds 1/8 inch top, bottom, right; 4-color

Preferred formats: PDF (Acrobat), TIFF (.tif), PSD (Photoshop), EPS, AI (Illustrator) JPEG (saved Maximum), PUB (Publisher)

File Resolution: files should be saved at 300 ppi (pixels per inch) in grayscale for offset printing

Fonts: please include Windows version fonts only or else flatten font layers in Photoshop or save fonts as outline in Illustrator for Mac or PC.

Some helpful tips for do-it-your-selfers:

We can layout your ad if you do not have the services of a professional designer. If you are a business and have a logo, we would want to get that from you and any other design elements you might have available such as photos. We can create something from scratch for you as well.

Photo files should be of a print quality resolution: 300ppi (pixels per inch). Be sure you have the copyright permission to use photos and graphics that you did not create yourself. There are stock photo resources on the web such as where you can purchase economical photos suitable for print advertisement. In general a photo grabbed directly off the web is only 72 ppi and so not suitable for print work.

If you have Microsoft Office, you probably have Publisher, Microsoft’s Page Layout program that you can use to create a simple ad. Half and Full Page Ad templates in Publisher (.pub) format are available for download from the CHSA Finals website at:

We recommend using type cleanly and simply. Typically, use only one or two fonts in a design. Overuse of font faces and special type effects is a common error. Instead, use bold or caps sparingly for emphasis and don’t make type gigantic, particularly for the body of your ad. Add a sophisticated image for a smart looking ad.

Don’t forget your contact information including phone, web and email.

We reserve the right to modify ads to adhere to editorial and design standards.

Questions? email