CHSA Celebration of Champions award Nominations

All CHSA Members: Nominations should be sent in for the following honor awards to be presented at the CHSA Celebration of Champions, March 9, 2019

The CHSA Horse of A Lifetime Award

This award to be given out to a horse or pony that was very influential to its owner’s show career and positively impacted multiple people during their career and life. The nominated special horse/pony can be of any discipline. Donated by Logan Allison, an annual trophy will be given out in memory of her very special horse “The Original”.

CHSA members may nominate a horse/pony that is living or deceased by writing a short paragraph explaining why this special horse/pony of a lifetime should receive this award. This nomination must have had a known presence on the show circuit as a special horse and reliable mount for multiple riders. The winner will be chosen by the banquet committee and be presented a trophy at the annual Celebration of Champions banquet.

All nominations should be emailed to Deb Krawitz, Banquet Chair at by February 1st.

The Good Sportsmanship Award for Exemplary Sportsmanship

Matt Couzens has donated this trophy to be awarded yearly to a C.H.S.A. member who has demonstrated good sportsmanship in both victory and loss while always having a good attitude. Sportsmanship is shown when an individual looks on experiences in a positive way and perseveres through adversity, they always come ready to do their best. In this sport, good sportsmanship goes hand and hand with good horsemanship.

Please send all nominations in the form of a letter to by February 1st.